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Meet the Team


These Level 7 gymnasts will represented Maryland at the 2016 National Judges Cup in Kentucky. They finished 5th as a team! Click here to see how the team did!





Karleigh DiCello


Club: Hill’s Gymnastics

Coaches: Amy Martelli, Igor Kniazev, Kat Clippert

Floor Music: Divergent

Favorite skill: one and half back twist and double back

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment: getting my double back on mats and 

qualifying for Judges Cup

How did you get involved with gymnastics? "I started when I was little and took a mommy 

and me class."

Favorite class in school: Science

Favorite TV show: Food Network and HGTV

Favorite movie: the Divergent series

Other hobbies: I like to do crafts,  science experiments and hang out with my friends.

Favorite music: Hotline Bling, Hello, and Why I got you on my mine

Charity involvement: Buddy Club at school

Etc.: I also like to play other sports, like swimming and soccer.

Katie Donnelly


Club: 1st Class Gymnastics

Coaches: Mary Thompson, Kim Hermansen

Floor music: Mary Poppins

Favorite gymnastics skill to perform: Front tumbling

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment: Earning a 9.925 on my floor routine

How did you get involved with gymnastics? "I liked to dance and climb things when I was little- and I never fell.  My mom thought I would love gymnastics.  I took a rec class and then joined team!"

Favorite class in school: Spelling

Favorite movie: The Avengers and Pan

Other hobbies: Dancing, drawing, swimming, crafts, and baking

Favorite music: Country

Charity involvement: I volunteer at the Christmas shop at my local school, we donate to Samaritan’s Purse and make food for the food pantry at my church

Etc.: I have two awesome brothers, am an honor roll student, and participate on a summer swim team!

Brianna Garrido


Club: Harford Gymnastics

Coaches: Teresa Walstrum, Joe Vrzalik, Ron Lievendag, Ashley Sauer, Don Miller, and Jeff Wilson

Floor music: Superheroes

Favorite skill to perform: Giant

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment: 1 ½ twist on floor

How did you get involved with gymnastics?  "My friends did gymnastics and talked me into it."

Favorite class in school: History

Other hobbies:    Piano and Reading

Favorite music:  Pop and Classic Rock


Logan Hollowell

Club: Hills

Coaches: Amy Martelli

Floor music: Sports America

Favorite skill to perform: Free hip handstand

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  TOPS National testing

How did you get involved with gymnastics? "I was jumping on couches so my mom put me in a 

class when I was 2."

Favorite class in school: Writing

Favorite TV show: American Ninja Warrior 

Favorite movie: Insurgent

Other hobbies: Play on trampoline

Favorite music: Superhero’s by The Script

Charity involvement: Operation Christmas Child for Samaritan’s Purse

Anything else you’d like the public to know? "I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers"



Brianna Lucas


Club: Hill's Gymnastics, Gaithersburg, Md. 

Coaches: Amy Martelli

Floor Music: Chocolat

Favorite gymnastics skill to perform: Standing back tuck on the balance beam

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment: Qualifiying for 2016 National Judges Cup

How did you get involved with gymnastics: Followed my older sister, Chanel, my twin sister Alexis and I started on Pre-Team at 3 years old

Favorite class in school: Math


Favorite TV show: Cut Throat Kitchen

Favorite movie: Divergent

Other hobbies: I love to read, write, and draw

Favorite music: Hotline Bling by Drake

Charity involvement: "I participate in Coats for Kids Closet every year where we donate new or gently used coats and sweaters for kids in need. I am also a member of Harvest Link, a Christian organization that helps families."

Etc.: "I am very creative and love to draw in my spare time. My favorite books to read are mystery novels. I also love to sing and dance - especially the 'whip, nae, nae' and 'hit the quan' which is popular right now."


Mia Oh

Club: Top Flight

Coaches:  Dale Kaestner

Instagram: gymnast.mia

Favorite gymnastics skill to perform:  cast to handstand

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment: MD state age group titles

How did you get involved with gymnastics? Weekly fit n’ five lessons and then I began to twist and tumble to the point where I needed MORE gymnastics in my life and I joined a team!

Favorite class in school: English "because it allows me to express my creativity through writing"

Favorite TV show: Dance Moms "I can learn a lot from their tightness, work ethic, and breathtaking performances"

Favorite movie: Parent Trap

Other hobbies: Horsebackriding and Art

Favorite music: Pop or something that I can listen to that either gets me motivated or keeps me listening to it nonstop without getting tired of it

Charity involvement: "I am involved with the Hopeworks Domestic Violence Center because I think making a positive difference in people’s life is important to ensure that we can spread happiness and love."

Etc: My favorite food is pasta and I never get tired of it. I also have two dogs that constantly keep me smiling."


Azariah Ra-Akbar

Club: Hills Gymnastics

Coaches:  Amy Martelli, Igor Kniazev

Instagram: AZARAYA

Floor Music: Dream Chaser

Favorite gymnastics skill to perform:  Double Back on Floor

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment: Being Invited to the NationalDevelopment Camp at the Texas Ranch this past August.

How did you get involved with gymnastics? Was running around at a local gym. Was approached by one of the coaches and suggested Aza join the team.

Favorite class in school: Arts

Favorite TV show: Dog with a Blog

Favorite movie: The Gabby Douglass Story

Other hobbies: Interior Design / Crafts

Favorite music: Pop Music – Top 40

Etc: Azaraya loves Candy!!

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