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Team Maryland

2017 National Judges Invitational

Congratulations to Team Maryland on an outstanding showing at the 2017 National Judges Invitational! The state team competition as always was the highlight of the weekend.  It was a very tight competition and Team Maryland had an outstanding showing.  

Our alternates Vivian Tran (Fairland) and Lian Yale (Harford) competed as Maryland All Stars on Friday night and both went four for four with outstanding performances.


Team Maryland composed of Bianna Wanuga (Baltimore City), Innocent Mensal (Sportsplex), Cameron Smith (Hills), Katya Melendez (Fairland), Cecelia Gover (Top Flight), Emelia Eddy (1st Class) competed on Saturday and they were amazing.  All of them went four for four so we had perfect weekend with beautiful and fantastic performances.  


The high intensity state team competition was filled with suspense as always.  Team Maryland came in THIRD!!!!  We are so proud of all these athletes and their excellent representation for Maryland.


Thank you to this special group of athletes, their coaches, their teams, and their families for their hard work and support of this wonderful experience.  

Emelia Eddy

Club:  1st Class Gymnastics


Coaches: Mary Thompson, Kim Hermansen, Lucas Graenicher


Instagram: @i_am_emelia


Floor Music:  Nutcracker Ballet


Favorite skill: series on beam and giants on bars


Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Making it to the Maryland Level 7 State Team!

How did you get involved with gymnastics? I was taking a tumbling class for cheerleading. I would constantly watch the gymnasts performing their routines, so I begged my mom to enroll me in a gymnastics class. I loved it!

Favourite class in school:History

Favourite TV show: How It's Made and American Pickers

Favourite movie: Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music

Other hobbies: Art, Singing, Collecting miniatures

Favourite music: Classical and Contemporary Christian

Charity involvement: Christian Children's Fund, Disabled American Veterans, and Linda's Legacy filling backpacks for the homeless

"My personal motto is, 'Have Courage and Be Kind.' My goal is to be a college gymnast at Arizona State University. For my career, I'd like to be an artistic zoologist working in the field studying endangered species."

Cecelia Gover

Club: Top Flight Gymnastics

Coaches: Dale Kaestner

Instagram: @cece.govs

Favorite skill:  Back tuck on high beam

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Making the Maryland State team

How did you get involved with gymnastics? My parents saw that I was able to do the monkey bars on my own at 2 years old and quickly enrolled me in gymnastics.

Favourite class in school: Tech Ed

Favourite TV show: Friends

Favourite movie: Pitch Perfect

Other hobbies: Riding my bike

Favourite music: 70s / 80s Classic Rock

Charity involvement: I participate in the Best Buddies program at my school


"I am the youngest of 7 children in my family."

Katya Melendez

Club: Fairland

Coaches: Resi Buell-Size

Instagram:  @Katyarose14

Floor Music:  The End

Favorite skill:  full

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Making it to Nationals Judges Cup and representing Maryland

How did you get involved with gymnastics? parents introduced into the sport

Favourite class in school: Math & Science

Favourite TV show: Cup Cake War

Favourite movie: Soul Surfer

Other hobbies: Swim, Dive, dance, sing, act

Favourite music: pop

Charity involvement: Operation Christmas Chold

Katya is a member of the National Jr. Honor Society!

Innocent Mensah

Club:  Sportsplex Gymnastics

Coaches:  Jodi Morgan, Sue Gill, Shakira Howard and Rob Battle

Floor Music:  Jack's Boogie

Favorite skill:  Standing back tucks on beam

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Qualifying for 2017 National Judges Cup

How did you get involved with gymnastics? By watching the 2012 Olympics, I got inspired by Gabby Douglas performances

Favourite class in school: Math

Favourite TV show: K.C Undercover and Cupcake Wars

Favourite movie: Stick It

Other hobbies: Reading

Favourite music: Treat me like somebody by Tink

Charity involvement: Sending gently used clothes to Africa and contribute to the church's food pantry

Innocent can speak French!

Cameron Smith

Club: Hills Gymnastics, Gaithersburg MD

Coaches: Katrina Evanoff and Igor Kniazev

Instagram:  @gymnast_cammie

Favorite skill:  Front and Side Aerials

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Skipping level 5 and 6 and then Qualifying for the National Judges State Competition.

How did you get involved with gymnastics? I took gymnastics classes for a few years starting at age 4 but I would not stop flipping and leaping so it was time to join a team.

Favourite class in school: Social Studies

Favourite TV show: The Loud House

Favourite movie: The Gabby Douglas Story

Other hobbies: Watching NFL football, going to trampoline parks and hanging out with my friends.

Favourite music: Hip Hop and Pop Songs

"I like to play basketball in my free time. I have an older and younger sister. I LOVE fruit and would choose raspberries and blackberries over candy everyday."

Vivian Tran

Brianna Wanuga

Club: BC Gymnastics, White Marsh, MD

Coaches: Yulia Kovaliova, Glenn Pippen, Ashley Sauer

Instagram:  @iflip12123

Floor Music:  Catalina Ponor's "Atene" Olympic floor music (cut by my coach)

Favorite skill:  Giants on bars

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Qualifying for the 2017 National Judges' Cup Championship.

How did you get involved with gymnastics? My Mom's friend and my babysitter both said they had never seen anyone do such a perfect cartwheel, so my Mom enrolled me in a gymnastics class.

Favourite class in school: Math

Favourite TV show: Cake Wars


Favourite movie: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Other hobbies: Playing the trumpet and singing in my school's Treble Choir.

Favourite music: Shawn Mendes and 5 Seconds of Summer

"I am in the National Junior Honor Society for getting good grades in school. Also, I have an awesome older brother named Zachary and an adorable dog named Raven.

bout this item."

Lian Yale

Club: Harford Gymnastics

Coaches:  Teresa Walstrum, Joe Vrzalik, Danielle Kisiel, Ron Lievendag, and Tina Kratzmeier

Floor Music:  The Big Bamboozle

Favorite skill:  Giants

Most proud gymnastics accomplishment:  Being an alternate for the 2017 Maryland team

How did you get involved with gymnastics? I was doing gymnastics inside my house when I was a toddler so my mom enrolled me in gymnastics so I would be in a safer environment

Favourite class in school: Science

Favourite TV show: Survivor

Other hobbies: Reading, drawing, swimming

Favourite music: Pop and motivational

Charity involvement: I do charity activities through my school

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