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Level 6 State Team

Level 7 State Team

Level 5 State Team


1st: Kiana Reed, Marvateens, 38.125

2nd: Gabriella Shewchuk, Marvateens 37.925

3rd: Mia Oh, Top Flight, 37.75

4th: Trinity Bellamy, Sportsplex, 37.725

5th: Kira Oh, Top Flight, 37.70

6th: Lauren Coleman, Sportsplex, 37.675

Level 8 State Team

Level 9 State Team

1. Yasmin Eubanks, Fairland

2t. Myra Conento, Frederick

2t. Agatha Handono, Hill's

4. Faith Choi, Frederick

5. Ivy Stearn, Twisters

6t. Emma Rathman,, Frederick

6t. Anne Kiley, Hill's

Level 10 State Team

1. Audrey Barber, Sportsplex

2. Lauren Bridgens, Hill's

3. Antonia Williams, Hill's

4. Reese McClure, Frederick

5. Emma Marchese, Hill's

6. Erica Fontaine, Hill's


Do you need archived meet results, SAC meeting minutes, and/or financial reports from 2001-2014? Please email the Webmaster with a description of the document you'd like and we'll send it back as soon as we can.

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